a knowledge base with dark mode, search, folders, tags, backlinks, offline access, and more

Project Delta

A digital space to create and share

A place to bring together everything I like on the web. Notes, links, articles, photos, artworks, drawings, poetry, lists, code snippets, experiments, ideas, ..

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How it works

Plain markdown files, published with jekyll.

Mostly written in vscode and obsidian.

Minimal, simple, clean, custom.

No ads, no tracking.

Built upon barryclark/jekyll-now

Connected information graph

All pages have a unique name so file name is also file id.

Any file can link to any other using its id. With html, markdown, or [[wikilink]] format.

Pages list which other pages links to them (backlinks or incoming links)

2D Graph of all pages

3D Graph of all pages


Files can also tag each other. Tags are defined at _data\tag_to_file.yml Tags of a page is listed above its title.


Works offline. A service worker caches all static pages (4-5mb) on the first visit.

Search, theme, page-dice and idea-machine also work offline. Artwork shuffle will only work with images you've seen before.


_plugins\gen.rb visits all pages before rendering.

Figures out document tree, replaces wikilinks with html links, and adds backlinks to page metadata.


All content and ideas belong to their original creators, even though most are not listed explicitly. Please verify their origin before sharing.

Most pages do not have dates since the site aims to include timeless information.


  1. clone the repo
  2. install ruby
  3. gem install bundler jekyll
  4. bundle install


bundle exec jekyll serve --trace --incremental --profile