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Indigo Minimalist Jekyll Template - Demo

This is a simple and minimalist template for Jekyll for those who likes to eat noodles.

What has inside | Setup | Settings | How to

Light and Dark themes.

What has inside


  1. :star: to the project. :metal:
  2. Fork the project Indigo
  3. Edit _config.yml with your data (check settings section)
  4. Write some posts :bowtie:

If you want to test locally on your machine, do the following steps also:

  1. Install Jekyll and Bundler.
  2. Clone the forked repo on your machine
  3. Enter the cloned folder via terminal and run bundle install
  4. Then run bundle exec jekyll serve
  5. Open it in your browser: http://localhost:4000
  6. Do you want an admin panel to edit your posts? You can install this plugin jekyll-admin.


You must fill some informations on _config.yml to customize your site.

name: John Doe
bio: 'A Man who travels the world eating noodles'
picture: 'assets/images/profile.jpg'

and lot of other options, like width, projects, pages, read-time, tags, related posts, animations, multiple-authors, etc.

How To?

Check the FAQ if you have any doubt or problem.


MIT License © Sérgio Kopplin

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