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This theme is designed by Xiaoying Riley at 3rd Wave Media. Visit her website for more themes.

I have made this into a Jekyll Theme. Checkout the live demo here.

Desktop Mobile


  • Fork the repository;
  • Go to settings and set master branch as Github Pages source;
  • Your new site should be ready at https://<username>;
  • Printable version of the site can be found at https://<username> Use a third party link, etc to get the printable PDF.

Change all the details from one place: _data/data.yml.

To preview/edit locally with docker

docker-compose up

docker-compose.yml file is used to create a container that is reachable under http://localhost:4000. Changes _data/data.yml will be visible after a while.

Local machine

  • Get the repo into your machine
git clone
  • Install required ruby gems
bundle install
  • Serve the site locally
bundle exec jekyll serve
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4000


There are 6 color schemes available:

Blue Turquoise Green
Berry Orange Ceramic


Thanks to Nelson Estevão for all the contributions.

Thanks to t-h-e(sfrost) for all the contributions.

Check out for more themes: Jekyll Themes.

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