Jekyll based CV generator

Jekyll CV Crafter

Jekyll powered CV generator. Check the demo.


  • Lightweight - just 3 files: yml with information about you, html/liquid template and css.
  • Font Awesome icons + Bootstrap.
  • Could be easily integrated in already existing site/blog hosted on Github using Jekyll data files.
  • Data is separated from the view - just fill the YAML file to create your CV.
  • You can easily modify the template or create a new theme according to your needs (check out my CV).


  • vertical template (WIP)
  • feel free to add yours!


Clone/download this repo.

  • _data/cv.yml contains info about you;
  • index.html markup of the CV;
  • css/cv.scss styles.

So only thing you need to do is to fill the cv.yml. As I mentioned above you can easily integrate this CV in your blog (if it's hosted on github pages) by putting cv.yml in _data folder of your blog, cv.scss in css folder of your blog and renaming index.html to cv.html.

PRs/issues/comments are welcome! Don't hesitate to contact me in case of any questions.