A fast, simple, and privacy-respecting Jekyll theme.



LightSpeed A fast, simple, and privacy-respecting Jekyll theme. This theme acts as a landing page / personal website with post support. This theme was primarily created to act as a template for my personal website.


Add the following gems to your Gemfile:

gem "jekyll"
gem "jekyll-feed"
gem "jekyll-seo-tag"
gem "jekyll-paginate-v2"

Once added, run bundle install to install them if not present already. SEO is optional and can be removed without impacting other functionality.


  • Post Support (Blog)
  • Pagination and Dynamic Categories
  • RSS Feed
  • SEO
  • Basic Mobile Support
  • Syntax Highlighting (prism.js)

JavaScript Requirements

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting from prism.js can be customized and switched to a CDN provider if preferred by following these instructions


Support for Plausible Analytics is provided by enabling it within _config.yml.

Example configuration:

    enabled: true
    site_fqdn: ''
    script_source: ''

enabled - Boolean - To enable or disable page-view analytics.

site_fqdn - String - The FQDN of your website to report back to Plausible.

script_source - String - The source of the analytics script. Provided as a variable to accommodate self-hosted instances of plausible.

Support for more analytics platforms is a welcome suggestion, as long as they respect user privacy.


CSS styles adapted and modified from Jeremy Thomas' 'Web Design in 4 Minutes'.

Theme spacing, colours, and content layout feedback provided by my wife ♥