Source code for turing.cool

Developing Locally

The site uses Middleman for generating static HTML and assets from source files. To setup Middleman and other dependencies, and build the site, use Make:

$ make
rm -rf build/
which bundle || gem install bundler
bundle check || bundle install
The Gemfile's dependencies are satisfied
time bundle exec middleman build
      create  build/stylesheets/normalize.css
      create  build/stylesheets/index.css
      create  build/stylesheets/all.css

If you want to setup a server that will automatically update changes you make locally, use the middleman command to start a web server on port 4567:

$ middleman
== The Middleman is loading
== The Middleman is standing watch at
== Inspect your site configuration at

The site should now be viewable at http://localhost:4567. Any changes made to the source should be viewable after a page refresh in your browser.


Travis CI tests every branch to ensure that the site can be built.

If the branch is on this repo (turing-incomplete/turing-incomplete), each successful branch build will be deployed to beta.turing.cool.

Merging any branch to master will deploy to turing.cool.

Creating a new episode file

If there is a valid .config.yml in the project's root directory (see .config.yml.example) you can run rake metadata to create a new episode file in ./sources/episodes with all the metadata from the mp3.

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