A simple and elegant jekyll theme for academic personal homepage

The Strata Academic Theme

Demo the theme

Try another Jekyll theme: Minimal Light


  • Simple and elegant personal homepage theme
  • Jekyll theme, deploy automatically by GitHub pages
  • Mobile friendly
  • Support Markdown


Using on GitHub

To use this theme, add the following to your site's _config.yml:

remote_theme: yaoyao-liu/strata-academic

Using with Jekyll

You need to install Ruby and Jekyll fisrt.

Clone this repository:

git clone
cd strata-academic

Install and run:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll server

View the live page using localhost: http://localhost:4000. You can get the html files in _site folder.


Configuration variables

Minimal Academic theme will respect the following variables, if set in your site's _config.yml:

title: Your Name
affiliation: Your Affiliation
email: yourname (at)
avatar: ./assets/img/avatar.png
google_analytics: UA-111540567-4
favicon: ./assets/img/favicon.png
favicon_dark: ./assets/img/favicon-dark.png
description: The Minimal Light is a simple and elegant jekyll theme for academic personal homepage.
remote_theme: yaoyao-liu/strata-academic


Edit and add your personal information (e.g. publications, research).


If you'd like to add your own custom styles:

  1. Create a file called /assets/css/style.scss in your site

  2. Add the following content to the top of the file, exactly as shown:

    @import "{{ site.theme }}";
  3. Add any custom CSS (or Sass, including imports) you'd like immediately after the @import line


If you'd like to change the theme's HTML layout:

  1. Copy the original template from the theme's repository
    (Pro-tip: click "raw" to make copying easier)
  2. Create a file called /_layouts/homepage.html in your site
  3. Paste the default layout content copied in the first step
  4. Customize the layout as you'd like


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal License.


Our project uses the source code from the following projects: