A jekyll-built conference website template


An academic conference website template built using Jekyll.


  • A data file (_data/conference.yml) to configure all conference information.
    • full_title: conference fullname e.g., First xxx conference on xxxx, 2017.
    • short_title: conference shortname e.g., xxxx2017
    • descriptioin: short description about the conference (< 160 char)
    • location: conference location
    • logo_path: conference logo
    • slideshow: images slideshow
    • navbar: navigation menu.
    • news: news section.
    • sponsors: sponsor section.
    • deadlines: important dates of deadlines, pass-due date will be automatically printed with del line.
    • social_media: social media on the navbar. (current support facebook and twitter.)
    • organizing_committees: organzizing committees
    • steering_committees: steering committees
    • technical_program_committees: technical program committees
    • more configuratioins to come.
  • Google Analytics: in _config.yml
  • Font-awesome
  • Bootstrap v4.


home page

committees page


Admin page

mobile version

mobile version image


with Jekyll Admin.


  • add link to deadlines.
  • seperate some layouts/includes into a theme, make the project extensible with different themes.
  • Jekyll-admin integrated
  • use Jekyll posts to update news.
  • clean Jekyll pages, put html code into layout/includes, pure markdown in pages.
  • Makefile integration for docker run, ssh upload, rsync