A Jekyll plugin for dynamically adding PayPal Encrypted Web payments buttons to a site


A jekyll plugin to generate Paypal Encrypted Web payment buttons on the fly.

NOTE: This plugin is NOT compatible with GitHub Pages and requires a PayPal business or sandbox account in order to generate or download the appropriate certificates to make this plugin work.


There is a demo page available in the demo folder to show how it works. However, because this plugin is incompatible with Github Pages and requires a PayPal account, I cannot host a demo.

The file in the demo provides a place to put the required environment variables that make the plugin work.


JekyllEWP is now available as a Ruby Gem!

You can either run gem install JekyllEWP to install or add gem 'JekyllEWP', '~> 1.0', '>= 1.0.1' to your Gemfile

How To Use

See the setup page on the wiki for full setup and configuration instructions.

Basic Usage Examples

add to cart button

{% EWPform addtocart false %}

view cart button

{% EWPform viewcart false %}

buy now button

{% EWPform buynow false %}


{% EWPform donate false %}

More information on the Tag Syntax can be found on the wiki.


I guess rubydoc also automatically compiles inline docs for you. neat.


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