ℹ️ Website for Zodiac, based on Jekyll and deployed automatically with Travis CI.

Source for the website

This is the website project for Zodiac.

Continuous Integration

We use Travis to automatically deploy our website on GitHub Pages and Qiniu.

You can now view the site building status on Travis.


We use Jekyll to generate website pages, and then use Travis to deploy them.

DNSPod enables us to speed up website access by using different settings for a domain.

In China, will be resolved to Qiniu, and all external libraries will be loaded from BootCDN and Otherwise this site will be resolved to GitHub Pages, and all libraries will be loaded from CDNJS and Google Fonts.

In a word, we do not use any cloud server. CDN provides faster speed and better defense against DDOS. Only static files are hosted. We use GitHub to collaborate and update our website.


We've enabled discuss on our site. In China mainland, you'll see a duoshuo plugin. Otherwise there'll be a Disqus plugin.


With Gravatar and V2EX's Gravatar CDN, we can put avatars on team members page.