✨🥤 Build a beautiful and simple website in literally seconds with this light weight, minimal Jekyll theme.

Code Faster Jekyll Theme

Code Faster is a very minimal and light weight Jekyll theme with a built-in dark mode made to be easy on eyes.

The theme comes with pre-installed analytics, disqus and html compressor. To enable them make sure you edit the _config.yml first


1. Fork this repository

(Assuming you are on this page and logged into GitHub) Fork this repository by clicking the Fork button on the top right corner.

What is "forking"?

A fork is a copy of a repository. Forking means copying this whole repository and all the files into your github.

2. Rename the repository to <yourusername>

This will create a GitHub User page ready with the Code Faster Jekyll template that will be available at https://<yourusername> within a couple minutes. To do this, click on Settings at the top (the cog icon) and there you'll have an option to rename.

3. Customize your website settings

Edit the _config.yml file to change all the settings to reflect your site.


Light Mode

Dark Mode


jekyll serve bundle exec

Your Development site will be ready at http://localhost:4000/


MIT License