Illustrates how to integrate a highly flexible image gallery into a Jekyll blog/website.

A Jekyll Image Gallery

This website illustrates how to integrate a lightGallery/Isotope photo gallery into a Jekyll website. Two example galleries are included. This solution is GitHub Pages friendly and does not require a custom plugin.


  1. Clone the git repo: git clone
  2. Change folder: cd jekyll-image-gallery-example
  3. Install Jekyll: gem install jekyll

Run the Website and Make It Your Own

Run the website with jekyll s. Or just view the GitHub Pages version. To view the gallery click on the photography menu item.

This blogpost explains different parts of the gallery and design choices. Use this guide and the files in this repo to make your own photo gallery.


The code is licensed under MIT license (see The images in the assets/photography folder are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA license (see