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A minimalist Jekyll theme for your resume.

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Getting Started

Online-Resume is a Jekyll theme designed for creating resumes. It enables you to write your resume in YAML file using Markdown and manage it through Git. It can be displayed on a web page and printed as a PDF file directly from the browser.

You can deploy it on various platforms that support Jekyll or static files, such as GitHub Pages, Cloudflare Pages, Vercel, Netlify, your own hosting service, and others.


  • User-friendly and easy to deploy.
  • Built with Jekyll and Markdown.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Customizable theme color and basic styles.
  • Modular content design.
  • Responsive display.



  • Fork the repository.
  • Click the settings option above.
  • Click pages in the Code and automation category on the left.
  • Set up github pages in the build and deployment category.
    • find source, drop down and select Deploy from a branch.
    • find branch, drop down and select master branch.
    • Click the save button on the right.
  • Wait a little while for the successful building.
  • Open in your browser.
  • Now you can see the resume page.
  • Edit the _data/data.yml file directly to update your resume.


  • _data/data.yml: Edit the resume content.
  • assets/images/profile.png: Your profile photo.
  • _config.yml: Website and theme style settings.


How to change the order of the sections in the resume?

There is an order option in each section, you can adjust the order by modifying this, the smaller the value the more forward the position.

How to hide the specified section in the resume?

If there is no content you want to keep in the section, you can remove it directly. If you want to keep the content, you can set the value of the show option of the section to false.

How to create a resume in other languages?

For example, if you already have an English version resume and you want to create a Chinese version. Copy a data.yml file in the _data folder named cn.yml and edit the content, then copy an index.html file in the root directory named cn.html and change the {%- assign data = %} in the cn.html file to {%- assign data = %}. After successful building, you can preview the Chinese version of your resume by visiting

How to deploy on other platforms, like cloudflare, vercel?

You can read and follow Cloudflare Pages, Vercel documents.