Lyricall is minimalistic, multilingual and open source platform for free minded poetry publishing. It is maintained by Jan Černý. If you want to you can send feed back in for of github issue or make pull request.

Technological principles:

  • No JavaScript - This whole site does not contain any javascript. Feel free to turn it off.
  • No cookies - The whole platform does not use any cookies. That mean we do not have to annoy you with banners and using this site is very safe.
  • No external sources - Everything on this site is loaded from it's own server.
  • Respect for users privacy - This site does not collect any information about it's visitors.
  • Wide range of compatibility including CLI browsers - Lyricall works on every standard web browser including terminal ones. For browsing Lyricall we highly recommend w3m CLI browser.
  • No paid content and advertisements - By declining any form of advertisement or paid content we can provide maximal objectivity without external influence and stay independent.
  • Full markdown and LaTeX support - Lyricall has complete LaTeX support including macros. You can freely combine it with markdown and Lyricall provide best typographic quality.
  • 100% static - The whole site is completely static and does not use any backend at all.
  • RSS support - Lyricall has automatically generated feed. Feel free to add into your RSS readers:
  • No social media integration - This site is not connected with any social media. Sorry Zuckeberg but you will have to find another way how to spy on our users.
  • SEO friendly - Lyricall is designed for maximal search engine optimalization.
  • Minimalistic desing - The whole design is is made in way it will not disturb users with visual smog.
  • Open Source - Source code of this whole project is open source. You can find it Github.

Technological background

Used technologies:

Inspired by Minimalist template and favicon was designed by Freepik.